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FDA Food
Traceability Rule Compliance Solution

Collect, organize and share data with trading partners automatically. Our software is free to use for small farms, processors, distributors, and retailers.

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What We Do

What We Do

Traceability record-keeping is tedious and time-consuming, but we make it easy and cost-effective for you

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Easy Compliance

Make traceability information and records available to FDA in an electronic, sortable spreadsheet with the click on a button

Data Collection

Collect receiving key data elements (KDEs) automatically from trading partners or existing software systems

Data Storage and Organization

Store and organize traceability information according to FDA requirements under key data elements (KDEs) and critical tracking events (CTEs)


Share shipping key data elements (KDEs) with all trading partners automatically and electronically

Why Us

Why Choose Food Origin

Why Choose Us

Cost Savings

Our software is easy to use and affordable, saving you time and money from daily and manual record-keeping, communication with trading partners, and staff training. It also reduces human errors and increases processing speed.

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Peace of Mind

Track all products from the food traceability list (FTL) in a central place. Your trading partners will be notified when required information is missing or inaccurate. All traceability information and records will be organized and made available to FDA in a sortable spreadsheet immediately upon request.

No Changes to Existing Workflow

Our solution is designed to work with your existing operational workflow and can integrate with your current software system to minimize additional manual work to be done.

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Hands-on Support

Whether during onboarding or daily operation, our professional support team is always available to help through phone, email, message, or chat.

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​How It Works

How is Data Captured and Shared
  • Integrate with your existing software system or database to extract data in real-time

  • Receive and share data with trading partners automatically after connecting through the Food Origin Platform

  • Scan product barcodes to add information to the portal

  • Manually add or adjust information within our portal

  • Bulk upload information to the portal using our spreadsheet template

  • Send data through email attachment

How It Works

​Who Is This For

Customized for
Every Type of Business

Download Free
Traceability Record Template

This comprehensive template encompasses traceability record program, all types of critical tracking events (CTEs) and associated key data elements (KDEs).
To understand what traceability records are required for your specific company,

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